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Low Block A Different Way

Low Block differences Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and most all other hard style martial arts focus on the low block in the same basic format. Hit downwards with lots for force at the intended target. Where many students struggle is that the downward motion of the block/strike may have limited success against a big strong kick. [...]

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Front Kick Basics

Front Kick Basics The front kick may be the easiest kick to execute in the martial arts. And for that reason it is typically given the least amount of instruction. This is problematic because the kick is extremely versatile when utilized in different methods. When executing the kick, many different applications and uses exist but [...]

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Hapkido Seminar at a Karate School

Hapkido Seminar at a Karate School This past Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a three hour seminar in the foundations of Hapkido to a local Karate school. Many thanks for Sensei Bob and the school for the invite and allowing me to demonstrate my style to their students. I have worked with Karate [...]

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