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Mindset and Attitude

Martial Artists are Cheap with their Money, Time, and Commitments

We, you, and me as martial artists are cheap penny pinchers; we wear our training clothes till they are threadbare. Carry ratty old gym bags and won’t drop twenty bucks to attend a class or seminar thirty minutes from our homes. Why is this? We talk about the brotherhood of the arts yet get so [...]

Lineage is no proof of skill

Lineage is no proof of skill, understanding, nor pedigree. It is the individual that makes the art. Some learn from great teachers and become great themselves. While some become great despite their teachers. We are only a fixed point in a long line of lineage. Others will come after us that will speak both positively [...]

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Time for the Tiki Reality Training 2013

I attended this event last year and had a blast. Read the review: "Get freaky at the Tiki" Tiki Seminar Bar Stool vs Knife training announcement: Freaky Tiki Reality Training is set for NOV. 9, 2013 ...............YAHOOOO ! On Nov. 9th you can enter into a safe reality based environment with reality based situations [...]

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