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Black Belts

Disenfranchised martial artists

Disenfranchised martial artists, those leaving an ivory tower for whatever reason or the other, are set to wonder the barren formidable wastelands to fend for themselves. As we know, some survive by taking a business approach to their martial arts where rank and pedigree is paramount. Other disenfranchised martial artists take another path, focused on [...]

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Guest Instructors

I have had many opportunities the past few years to be a guest instructor in other people’s schools. Sometimes this was in the same art and other times it was in a totally different art. Both situations place different needs upon you as the instructor. And sometimes the simplest task such as what the other [...]

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21 Rules to Running a Dojo

21 Rules to Running a Dojo I have been in several Dojos over the years; some longer than others. An underlying common trait is that the student body reflects the senior instructor/sensei or active owner. This similarity in personality will make or break you as a school leader. I learned this lesson about 10 years [...]

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