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Bruise Labs Curved Training Knife Pair

Curved spine and contoured handle allow for smooth flow and multiple grip positions

Training Knife Kit – One Curved Blade and One Straight along with ten page training manual

OldManKarate and Bruise Labs have teamed up to introduce one of the finest padded trainers ever produced. These handcrafted solid core trainers can take a pounding. They also allow you to beat the stuffing out of your partner with little or no damage.

The layered engineered design of these training knives allows the user to cradle the blade the same way you would hold a real knife. Dexterous moves are possible as well as keeping the trainer in a waist band or back pocket for more realistic draw techniques.

Bruise Labs Straight Training Knife Pair

Straight spine lets the user focus on stabbing and hooking.

The best feature is that you can work your training skills hard. Slash, stab, or punch with this quality knife trainer and your partner will take shot after shot and still be able to go for more.

I know the guys who make these Bruise Labs Training Knives. They’re a bunch of rowdy, hard hitting, serious training, top notch martial artists. It took me two years to get a deal worked out with them and finally, OldManKarate has scored with the first and only online method to purchase the Bruise Labs Trainer Knife.

OldManKarate and Bruise Labs KnifeOldManKarate Bruise Labs KnifeCuts to the face are possible as are stabs to the ribs. When I train with this group: eye protection, light weight padded gloves, and mouth guard are required. That gives you an idea of how serious this trainer is. Heavy contact and hard hitting.

These trainers are handmade. Cut, glued, shaped, and taped for maximum longevity and safety. These are not cheap imports. Each Bruise Labs Trainer is made in the USA and shipped from a small cypress shack located near Tampa Bay.


Slight variations occur due to foam sculpting

Curved Blade

8.50″ (216mm) – long
2.375″ (60mm) – wide at the thick part of the blade
1.625″ (41mm) – wide at thin part of handle
.75″ (19mm) – thick cutting edge

Straight Blade

8.00″ (203mm) – long
2.25″ (57mm) – wide at the thick part of the blade
1.25″ (32mm) – wide at thin part of handle
.75″ (19mm) – thick cutting edge