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Oldmankarate - Old Man KarateI taught a small class a short while ago. It was a test session for me to work out the kinks for the upcoming Korean Martial Arts Festival.

I like to test my syllabus before I go teach at the larger events. It lets me get a grasp of my time constraints as well as potential questions that may arise.

The group was small, only eight including me. I come from the traditional side of the arts with a lot of crossover into combatives and firearms training. This is important because my presentation was to a group that approaches their training from the combatives side of the fence.

They are different from traditional martial artists. And as someone who enjoys training with these groups, I find it rewarding to step away from the structured dojo rules and be more relaxed with the students.

The class was fast and I had little difficulty blending my presentation to their needs and desires. One comment that appeared on my Facebook feed later that night caught me off guard.

Thank you, Sir.
The breathing technique alone was worth the drive!
Rest was icing.

It was humbling. So often we as teachers get polite lip service from students. I know the man who wrote it and I remember the conversation, and what prompted my taking him aside to talk about breathing. It was my old standby; breathing affects relaxation and ultimately technique execution.

It got me thinking about the nuggets we look for when we attend seminars. These nuggets are the true value, not the techniques. We can learn techniques from most anyone. It’s these insightful points of clarity that a new teacher can provide to our toolbox that should drive your desire to attend seminars.

And for the gentleman who took the time to teach me his nugget; yes I will stay true to what I believe is a proper training method, thank you.