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johnwilkerson2016hapkidoI’ve been writing and maintaining this site for many years, and find myself at a crossroads. For the past two years I’ve focused heavily on my fiction writing and have found that this creative outlet blends perfectly with the grumpy creative tone I take with OMK articles.

My network of friends is large, and they continually help me bounce ideas for articles. I also maintain a social media site where 14,000+ people discuss topics for the martial arts. I’m in tune with the martial arts culture and have an impressive contact list to help with research or product testing and want to share this resource with you.

This has led me to a decision. My work as a freelance writer is blooming. With a fiction novel nearly complete, several websites built, and articles published in the web world, my services are now available for hire.

The skills I bring are expansive:

  • Website page content
  • Blog articles
  • EBooks
  • Advertising copy
  • Copy-editing
  • Email list building
  • Product release
  • Press release
  • Product description
  • Website SEO rewrite

As an added benefit, I’ve worked in the corporate world managing sales and marketing departments for many years. I bring a skill set that most writers never obtain.

The ability to engage a potential customer, and close the sale

Contact me if you want to increase your cash flow or build that custom email list.

John Wilkerson



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