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Over the years, we’ve noticed many fitness programs, regimes, and styles come in and out of our sphere. While trends and fads may sound like the same thing, fads are quick to disappear, whereas trends quickly gain momentum and have long term impacts on people and society. Instead of dedicating your time and resources to the next fad, invest in what will be a mainstay to the martial arts world. Supplement your workout with these top fitness trends of 2016.

Wearable Tech

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable tech is the number one fitness trend in 2016. Their worldwide survey, which includes the opinions of 3,000 fitness professionals, found that fitness watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS-enabled devices are prevalent in countries around the world. Used to help people track workout frequency, duration, and intensity, they rule the global market.

Whether you are a distance runner looking to effortlessly measure your pace or you’re looking to supplant your workout journal in favor for a device that can automatically log your metrics, wearable tech is the way to go. With many different styles available on the market today, rest assured that each fitness watch or wearable monitor is capable of accommodating for exercise, meaning they are waterproof, shock-resistant, and unobtrusive. In fact, they’re so lightweight, you won’t even notice that you have anything on your wrists.

In addition to fitness watches, smartphones, and other tech-savvy devices, there is a growing trend in smart fabrics and textiles. Instead of wearing something on your wrist or having a device in your pocket, smart fabrics are capable of tracking specific biometrics such as pelvic rotation, recovery time, and more. Paired with your smartphone or computer, these technological advances can not only supplement your workout with detailed readings of your fitness level, but can also encourage you to reach towards new goals.

Mobile Fitness Apps


While many mobile fitness apps work in tandem with wearable technology, there are many more that can help you track your diet, provide workout advice, and create specialized exercise regimens and music playlists. If you’ve always wanted a personal trainer to get you on track with the best personalized fitness system, you can now count on your smartphone to get you there.

Apps that track your progress help you to gauge your improvement and encourage you into working harder. It makes a difference to hear a personable voice demand one more rep, or to listen to your favorite songs to get you pumped during an intense session. Observing your progress and viewing reports on how you are coming along on your goals can also be very beneficial to reaching your goals and setting new standards—after all, you don’t want to stagnate in your journey.

Other mobile apps can help you track your diet, bringing health into your daily life, instead of relegating it to the gym. By keeping focused on your caloric intake, you can maximize on your eating habits and begin to curb your general lifestyle to better suit your fitness goals. Dieting apps are great for counting calories, providing healthy recipes, and suggesting alternative lifestyles to get you healthy.


High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a training technique that recommends pushing yourself to your physical threshold with short bursts of workout activities. By giving yourself a short rest period in between high intensity spurts, a HIIT workout keeps your heart rate up, burns fat faster, and significantly boosts your metabolism. Since many standard exercises promote stamina and consistency, combining your workout regime with HIIT can be a great way to boost your fitness levels and reach towards new heights.

The popularity of high intensity interval training is propelled by its convenience due to the short length of a workout and the lack of necessary workout equipment. You can complete a HIIT workout anywhere in as little as 30 minutes, using only your body weight.

Martial Arts Systems

Inspired by MMA and boxing, martial arts and other fighting disciplines have seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Though a few systems have been around for centuries, martial arts have been a time-proven discipline to getting in shape and embracing your body. Additionally, martial arts techniques implement more than just self-defense strategies—many are central to gaining self-esteem, boosting your physique, and fostering mental and personal growth. Even A-list celebrities, like Jessica Alba, Ryan Reynolds, and Christian Bale use various martial arts techniques to stay in shape and prepare for a role.

Studios dedicated to teaching the martial arts, such as Krav Maga and Taekwondo, are seeing a surge of new members, while fitness facilities that incorporate martial arts-inspired workouts are also gaining memberships. Martial arts systems are significantly beneficial to reaching your fitness goals and attaining new vistas of what your mind and body are capable of.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training uses your own body weight—as opposed to free weights or machines—to help you gain muscle. As this type of workout is predicated on how much you weigh, there are obstacles you may need to overcome. If you can’t lift your own body weight, or can lift it too easily, you may need to invest in a suspension trainer. Additionally, body weight training can help you to exercise your core, as balancing your own weight can be a more difficult task than merely attributing it to your arms.

Furthermore, body weight training allows you to exercise in the convenience of your home, at the park, or with calisthenics equipment at the gym, meaning you don’t have to resort to a set schedule to get your daily workout in.

Set Your Fitness Goals

Many people today are concerned with their fitness. Whether they want to improve their health, live longer, or look better, we are witnessing a new generation of fitness fanatics. Set your fitness goals and get in shape with these top fitness trends of 2016. Lead a healthier, happier life starting today!

Author Bio:
Carl Turner is a personal trainer and freelance lifestyle writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience, he has trained many clients and has helped them to reach their personal fitness goals. During his free time, he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and reading.