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Hapkido Cane Big Stick Fighting Alain BurreseInstructor: Alain Burrese

Format: DVD (2 disk set)

Vendor: Paladin Press


Cane Skills Rock. No better way to say it than with a cane in your hand you have one of the most devastating concussion and control weapons available to the common man. Yes, the naysayers will start spouting about their guns and the knife guys will pitch in with a comparison of blade lengths, but in the essence of pure raw smacking strength, the cane still Rocks!

Don’t get the wrong idea, carry what you want and for what purposes you need but this product review is here to present a top notch training video about the cane and help explain why the cane should be a viable carry tool for most everyone. Even if you don’t plan to carry one at least learn how to use it and keep it in the car. You never know when you might need a nice long stick with a hook on the end.

Hapkido Cane DefenseI teach the walking cane as a defensive and offensive weapon. Over the past several years I have taught cane skills to many of my students, at seminars, and the occasional passersby. The weapon resonates with pure striking power, does not need to be concealed, and passes muster for most security check points.

What Mr. Burrese has done is taken a classical martial arts weapon and normalized its training through two well developed DVDs; both contained in one package.  Broken into eight chapters the instruction leads off with Blocking.

Ten different approaches are used to swing, drive, and present the cane as a formidable defensive shield. Next the instruction leads into Striking. Thirteen separate strikes are covered, many of which are similar to the preceding Blocking section. Even in cane work the overlay or minor difference of blocks and strikes being the same holds true.

Hooking and Combination techniques follow and a takeaway from these sections are, don’t ever underestimate the control power a cane can bring to an encounter. Neck, legs, arms, shoulders, and even fat roles are all viable targets, with painful outcomes. When combined with Combinations, we start to get a sense of how a person can pair their already known skills with the cane.

Defensive skill including Grabs to the body and cane, Punches, and Kicks make up the next three sections. All providing multiple examples of attack and defend with increasing levels of pain compliance from the attacker. Some techniques are plain, simple, and straight to the point ending with the attacker reeling from busted joints or soft tissue concussion. A few are classical big throws and do look good for demonstrations but may not be the best choice for down and dirty techniques. And for those of you who remember Billy Jack, you just might find a Billy Jack cane throw demonstrated by Mr. Burrese, as done by the late Bong Soo Han from the movie thrown in for good measure.

An excerpt from the beginning of the first disk can be found at Paladin Press’s YouTube channel and is well worth the viewing.

I was so impressed with this set of DVDs when I first ordered them about three years ago, I now use it as the foundation for when I teach my Hapkido students the art and science of cane defense. Its layout is straightforward moving the student from the basic blocks and strikes to coupling these skills with how to handle the most common attacks. What you won’t find is a flashy DVD filled with fantasy skills that look good for a demo, only quality education that can take the newbie from zero skill to a plausible competence level along a strong and well laid out linear path.

Hapkido Cane Big Stick Fighting Alain BurreseDVD CHAPTER LIST
1) Blocks
2) Strikes
3) Hooks and Combinations
4) Defenses Against Grabs
5) Defenses Against Punches
6) Defenses Against Kicks
7) Chokes
8) Defenses Against Cane Grabs