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1. Cut plywood and mount base plate in center.       PDF Versions for Printing

Portable Pell for Stick Practice

Portable Pell for Stick Practice

2. Carpet or other padding needs to be used on bottom of wood so it will not scratch floor.

3. Place weight on plywood so mounting plate threads are accessible.

4. Thread 30” pipe into base plate.

5. Assemble two arms pipe structures. Then cover them with rolled carpet. Use Duct tape to hold carpet to pipe so it can be wrapped. Then cut hole through rolled carpet to allow fitting threads to be accessible.

6. Wrap bottom pipe with carpet and leave about 2” of pipe extending.

7. Attach bottom cross arm to bottom pipe and tighten.

8. Attach 24” pipe to top of bottom arm and cover with carpet leaving 2” of pipe showing.

9. Attach top cross arm.

10. Attach top 8” pipe and T fitting to top of upper arm assembly.

11. Cover top pipe with carpet. Use extra to shape head and to allow stick to strikes downwards.

* Might consider using pool noodle around pipe and then cover with carpet.

* Construction adhesive is used inside rolled carpet and heavily on last couple of inches to keep carpet rolls together.

Material List

3/4” Black Pipe NPT

24” 2 pcs.

30” 1 pc.

8” 4 pcs.

Mounting Plate 1 pc.

Cross Fitting 2 pcs.

T Fitting 1 pc.

1/2” Plywood 24”x24”

Cut 24” Round

35lb Weight Lifting Weight  Hole ID must fit over pipe

Bolts 1/4” 20 X 1.5” 4 pcs.

Fender Washers 1/4” 4 pcs.

Stop Nuts 1/4” 20 4 pcs.

Carpet Remnants

Construction Adhesive

Duct Tape