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I attended this event last year and had a blast. Read the review: “Get freaky at the Tiki”

Tiki Seminar Bar Stool vs Knife

Tiki Seminar Bar Stool vs Knife

training announcement:

Freaky Tiki Reality Training is set for NOV. 9, 2013 ……………YAHOOOO ! On Nov. 9th you can enter into a safe reality based environment with reality based situations that will test your ability to think and react on your feet. I promise you will learn something about yourself and your abilities along with a tid-bit or two that may help give you the upper hand. We will begin our training at 8:00 am at little known biker bar in Seffner called the Seffner Tiki bar.

Don’t worry … it’s a friendly place that I go to on occasion. They have agreed to let me use their place from 8-11:00 am (before they open) for our training in a real world setting. It’s only 25.00 so get off your butt… no excuses, come on and have some fun with us on the 11th. After that you are welcome to hang out with us for a while… lunch and beverage or whatever. Concealed carriers, you are welcome to bring trainers gun/knife/grenade… whatever you carry and utilize them in the training. No live blades, ammo or other weapons will be allowed and you will be checked at the door.

This training is very valuable and straight to the point. Ask anyone who has been to one. If you have attended in the past, DO NOT tell others of some of the scenarios, you will rob them of the experience.

More info, registration form and pictures of previous training sessions

Phil Peplinski