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White to Yellow  Hapkido Testing Requirementshapkido learn at Old Man Karate

I updated my notes for white to yellow belt testing and thought some of you might like to see what the basic requirements are. This is the program that I teach.

Focus                    Learning the basic blocks, punches, and kicks as well as beginning to fall and roll. The grabs support the concept of center rotation, weight loading the opponent, positing feet for proper power direction, and relaxed full body movement.


  • Straight wrists grab “Across the Slot”
  • Cross wrists grab “Over the Slot”
  • Straight wrists grab “Roll up Palm Takedown”
  • Cross wrists grab “Roll up Palm Takedown”
  • Straight wrists grab “Up the Slot”
  • Cross wrists grab “Up the Slot”

Stance                  Relaxed working with walking forward and backward, Fixed Working for techniques

Kicks                     Front, Round, Step behind Side

Hand Strikes        Straight Punch, Side Punch, Hammer Fist, Back Fist

Breaking              Hammer Fist, Front Kick

Blocks                  Circular – In/In, Out/Out, In/Out, Out/In

Falls                      Side from Standing, Front from Standing, Back from Standing

Rolls                     Front from Standing

Counters              Straight punch and hooking punch, “hand sparring”

Terminology       Attention, Bow, Bow to Flags, Bow to Instructor, Bow to Master, Bow to Grandmaster, Ready Position, Stop, Return to Ready Position, Relax

Concepts             What is Hapkido? How does Hapkido use a blend of soft and hard styles? Its main method of dealing with an attack is through deflecting an opponent’s energy. It is defensive based. What Nationality is its foundation?