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My Martial Art Training Notebook

My Martial Art Training Notebook When I started training I was still in high school. The concept of keeping a notebook for my martial arts class was not going to happen. As the years went by I found myself starting to keep small notes, images, or clippings from books and magazines. Several years ago I [...]

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How to train in the Martial Arts and be Old

How to train in the Martial Arts and be Old Long term Martial Artist and those who start training later in life have many lessons to learn about taking care of their bodies. All too often we push forward with bravado ignoring the pain and damage we may be doing to ourselves. Now being officially [...]

Front Kick Basics

Front Kick Basics The front kick may be the easiest kick to execute in the martial arts. And for that reason it is typically given the least amount of instruction. This is problematic because the kick is extremely versatile when utilized in different methods. When executing the kick, many different applications and uses exist but [...]

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