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Something To Think About

Lineage is no proof of skill

Lineage is no proof of skill, understanding, nor pedigree. It is the individual that makes the art. Some learn from great teachers and become great themselves. While some become great despite their teachers. We are only a fixed point in a long line of lineage. Others will come after us that will speak both positively [...]

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Guest Instructors

I have had many opportunities the past few years to be a guest instructor in other people’s schools. Sometimes this was in the same art and other times it was in a totally different art. Both situations place different needs upon you as the instructor. And sometimes the simplest task such as what the other [...]

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Cross Trained Skills And Using A Walking Cane To Play Racket Ball

Last night one of my students began training with the cane. This in of its self is not such a big deal, but the quickness in which he was able to pick up some of the foundational movements was surprising.   All students have strengths and weaknesses and he is no different from the rest [...]

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