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Will the Real Sensei John Kreese Please Stand Up Transitioning the Martial Arts Moral Code

As the credits rolled in the theater and ooooh….so did my eyes.  Sure everyone loves an underdog movie, but I preferred the cartoon. Walking out of the movie theater back in 1984, I couldn’t begin to find the simplest utterances in how the movie “The Karate Kid” wholly misrepresented martial arts. The cheesy lines and [...]

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Putney’s Laws of Martial Arts Discussions

Putney's Laws of Martial Arts Discussions First Law: When Bruce Lee is mentioned in any martial arts conversation, that didn't start with Bruce Lee as a topic, there will be no further exchange of useful ideas. (Similar to Godwin's Law.) Second Law: Any martial arts topic involving what famous martial artist can, would or did [...]

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Disenfranchised martial artists

Disenfranchised martial artists, those leaving an ivory tower for whatever reason or the other, are set to wonder the barren formidable wastelands to fend for themselves. As we know, some survive by taking a business approach to their martial arts where rank and pedigree is paramount. Other disenfranchised martial artists take another path, focused on [...]

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