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Martial Artists are Cheap with their Money, Time, and Commitments

We, you, and me as martial artists are cheap penny pinchers; we wear our training clothes till they are threadbare. Carry ratty old gym bags and won’t drop twenty bucks to attend a class or seminar thirty minutes from our homes. Why is this? We talk about the brotherhood of the arts yet get so [...]

Will the Real Sensei John Kreese Please Stand Up Transitioning the Martial Arts Moral Code

As the credits rolled in the theater and ooooh….so did my eyes.  Sure everyone loves an underdog movie, but I preferred the cartoon. Walking out of the movie theater back in 1984, I couldn’t begin to find the simplest utterances in how the movie “The Karate Kid” wholly misrepresented martial arts. The cheesy lines and [...]

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3 Throws 3 Breaks 3 Evasions

3 Throws 3 Breaks 3 Evasions A seminar I once taught in Orlando was focused on a continuity of moves when faced with three different attacks. The reason for this type of seminar was such that it allowed the student to see how counter moves may or may not change or flow dependent upon what type [...]

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