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Greeting to all the wonderful followers of OldManKarate

I’ve been writing and maintaining this site for many years, and find myself at a crossroads. For the past two years I’ve focused heavily on my fiction writing and have found that this creative outlet blends perfectly with the grumpy creative tone I take with OMK articles. My network of friends is large, and they [...]

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Product and Seminar Reviews – Any interest?

I have had several people ask me my opinion of a particular product or seminar. I will typically answer their questions with honesty. This is happening more and more ofen and I want to pose a question to all of you, my readers. There are nearly 1000 of you so please give me some feedback. [...]

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Fitness Trends – Martial Arts and Technology

Over the years, we’ve noticed many fitness programs, regimes, and styles come in and out of our sphere. While trends and fads may sound like the same thing, fads are quick to disappear, whereas trends quickly gain momentum and have long term impacts on people and society. Instead of dedicating your time and resources to [...]

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