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Are My Traditional Martial Arts Useless?

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I have been involved in the traditional arts for over thirty years. In that time, I have lost many a fight and won some as well. The martial arts are a lifestyle for me. Gone are the days of me wanting to measure my skill with fist and foot. I draw from the spiritual side more heavily as I age and with this mindset, I have time to reflect on the journey that brought me along the river of life.

A lesson I learned long ago, two decades probably, is that the traditional training I had received was lacking some pretty basic skills. First and foremost was the concept of pressure testing in an open no rules environment.

This type of hard striking is rough on […]

Do you use your martial arts training as a replacement for going to church?

oldmankarate religionChristian Church ideology and the mantra of martial arts do not coexist. At least that is the opinion of many. Yes, many martial arts school use their faith as the means to structure their school code and at the same time many churches look down on the idea of placing children or adults in an environment that promotes self mediation or the concept of self betterment without the active hand of God.

It can be a hotly debated topic and one that never gets resolution. Why? Does the God worshiping group have the ultimate say? Some religious ideologies seem to think so. But does not the individual also deserve the respect of other faiths to pursue their own ritualistic belief?

These are a lot of questions and ones […]

Breathing Technique was Worth the Drive – Rest was Icing

Oldmankarate - Old Man KarateI taught a small class a short while ago. It was a test session for me to work out the kinks for the upcoming Korean Martial Arts Festival.

I like to test my syllabus before I go teach at the larger events. It lets me get a grasp of my time constraints as well as potential questions that may arise.

The group was small, only eight including me. I come from the traditional side of the arts with a lot of crossover into combatives and firearms training. This is important because my presentation was to a group that approaches their training from the combatives side of the fence.

They are different from traditional martial artists. And as someone who enjoys training with these groups, I […]

Five steps to become a great martial arts teacher

  1. GOldManKarate - Old Man Karaterow up – You probably can’t be a great teacher if you’re too young. Yes, you may be a hot shot in the dojo, but just because you can do a backspin kick does not mean you can teach it.
  2. Train hard – It takes thousands of hours of focused work to achieve mastery. You must be able to perform the foundation skills before you can teach them.
  3. Continue your education – Some people learn to teach early in life. That’s probably not you. Go find someone to teach you how to teach.
  4. Practice teaching – You must spend time in front of the class and with individuals to hone your skills. Keep working at it and continually seek others to help you.
  5. Humility […]